Joining one of mother natures finest metals with pearls from the king of the forest results in a unique product. A collection of ecological jewellery, that combines the shining purity of silver with the legendary qualities of the moose. When you wear a piece of my jewellery, you carry with you the wisdom, strength and beauty of the moose. When you give away a piece of my jewellery to a special person, you also express what the jewellery stands for - the truly unique.

Jjje Jjje, Svaneberg of Sweden
Jjje, Svaneberg of Sweden

"The elk, king of the forest, is a symbol of wisdom, strength, beauty and virility."

Deep in the countryside where I live, elk roam free and come right up to the cottage. I feel privileged and proud to be so close to these fantastically beautiful animals, and it's from them I seek my inspiration.
On dry, sunny days, I can follow their tracks through the forest. If Im lucky, their “pearls” will be lying there waiting for me. By treating sterilising them and combining them with silver, I create unique jewellery. No two pieces are alike.
“Fashioned by nature refined and finished by me”


The nature is amazing — and I am privileged to live in the middle of it

Here there are forests, open fields and regenerated clearings. Moose and roe deer thrive in these environments. Hares hop around. The fox I often only see as a shadow, with glowing eyes and a long tail. I also see the evidence of animal visits in the form of droppings, which they leave behind. The droppings left behind by moose and roe deer are pearl shaped. A closer inspection reveals that these "pearls" are beautiful in shape, structure and colour. The pearls are firm and olive shaped, ranging in colour from a light beige through to dark brown and sometimes almost black. Like real gems!

I started collecting these gems, drying them and exploring the possibilities to somehow use them for jewellery. This was not an obvious process, but after some experimenting through trial and error, the process began to take form.

And here I am now, with a collection of uniquely designed jewellery.
Fashioned by nature, refined and finished by me.

The elk, king of the forest. Unique jewellery. Fashioned by nature  refined and finished by me.

Ideal gifts or Christmas presents for hunters or anyone interested in the great outdoors. Or why not for the one who thinks he/she has it all?

All designs pictured are for sale unless otherwise stated. Feel free to browse through the designs. If you see something you like, please send me an e-mail and specify your order. Prices can be found at the bottom of the webpage.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade, and availability varies depending on the season. Because of this, the delivery time can vary. Please keep this in mind when ordering. When ordering a ring, do not forget to specify your ring size. Shipping and handling fees are not included in the price. For shipping and handling quotes, please enquire about this in your e-mail.

My ambition is to create each piece of jewellery as something unique, and new designs are constantly being created. Sometimes the variations are small, sometimes large. Each piece of jewellery is numbered and stamped with the company logo “JSofS” (Jjje Svaneberg of Sweden) when possible.

At the moment, I am proud to offer the following products:

For men:

For women:


Wester & Kompani
Kpmangatan 3
111 31 Stockholm


Article in Fashion Magazine Ecocolo, Japan, No 40, Aug. 2009

Product information

Jewellery made from the droppings of the moose:
The droppings are sterilized and show no sign of bacterial growth at a microbiological, clinical analysis. The analysis was performed by “Lantmnnen Analycen AB” (, journal number VM002229-08.

Sterling silver (925/000) and/or fine silver (999/000).
Prices in SEK (Swedish Crowns, please refer to for exchange rates)

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